Quality Statement Policy

Bab ElKhair EST. is engaged in the engineering of Civil Engineering Projects and the company's objectives for quality are:

  • To implement a Quality Management System that satisfies the requirements of BS EN ISO 9002 throughout the company, which will lead to successful third party certification.

  • To maintain third party certification once achieved.

  • To identify improvements within the Quality Management System through controlled internal audit procedures

  • To ensure complete client satisfaction with all elements of the company's service.

  • We the company has declared a commitment to promote develop and implement the Quality Management System described by regularly reviewing the effectiveness of the system at project and company level.

    Customer Care Policy

    Bab ElKhair EST. is considers Customer Care to be a vital and integral part of any on site contract works, particularly those works involving the interruption of supplies to the customers of any utility company. Our aim is to minimize any inconvenience and to ensure that a professional image is maintained at all times.

    Bab ElKhair EST. is developing procedures addressing Customer Care as part of our Environmental, Quality and Safety Management Systems. The procedures will be defined to make them contract specific in line with individual client requirements, thereby ensuring that client's objectives can be incorporated and achieved to the benefit of the full contract team.

    Customer Care objectives and pre-determined targets are best achieved through careful pre-planning and effective, timely site management. These essential ingredients are recognized by Bab ElKhair as vital to the success of each and every contract.

    Bab ElKhair EST. Personnel are trained to:

  • Communicate with local police, highway and local authority representatives to ensure effective traffic and pedestrian management to reduce disturbance and inconvenience

  • Initiate public relations procedures to ensure local residents are assisted and treated with consideration

  • Be cautious to public and officials at all times

  • Ensure information is in the right place at the right time

  • Ensure good working relationships are established and maintained with all parties

  • Ensure good effective communication channels are established and maintained between all parties

  • Measure performance and carry out regular reviews to determine and implement preventative or corrective action at the earliest opportunity.

    Health & Safety Policy

    This company's policy statement on Health and Safety is issued in accordance with section 2 (3) of the Health and Safety at work etc. Act. 1974. This company's policy is to give a high level of priority to the promotion of the employee's health & safety at work and the health & safety of others who may be affected by that work. This will be achieved by providing the necessary resources to carry out its Health and Safety policy effectively. The main elements of this Policy are as follows:

  • To ensure that all staff is informed of statutory Health and Safety requirements, company and other accepted rules, procedures and codes of practice, appropriate to their responsibilities.

  • To require that every employee, while at work, follows statutory regulations, company and other accepted rules, procedures and codes of practice, takes all reasonable care of the Health and Safety of himself and other persons who may be affected by his acts or omissions, and co-operates with management in the implementation of health and safety management measures.

  • To provide effective training and supervision in health and safety and to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, that all work places are provided with safe means of access and egress, are designed and maintained, so far as possible, to be free from danger and are without undue risk to health and safety.

  • To ensure that all plant, tools, motor vehicles, premises and equipment are designed and constructed or selected, with due consideration for health and safety of the users and that the plant etc. is maintained in a proper state of efficiency and repair.

  • To ensure that protective clothing and equipment, appropriate to the circumstances of the work is worn.

  • To provide as far as is reasonably practicable for the prompt first aid treatment of injuries and illnesses occurring during the course of work.

  • To provide a suitable system for communication and consultation with employees on Health and Safety matters.

  • To investigate and collect, analyze and present data on, accidents leading to personal injury or affecting the health of employees. To encourage the reporting and investigation of 'near miss' incidents and the inclusion of this data in statistics presented to the management and employees.

  • It is Line Management's responsibility, from the Managing Director down, to ensure that the Safety Policy, Safety Rules and Site Safety Instructions are implemented on Company sites, in company offices and workshops/stores. Safety is a Line Management Responsibility. It is our policy that regular and frequent checks will be carried out by our Managers and Agents.

    Records of these inspections will be kept in duplicate, one copy sent to Head Office, the other copy retained by the Manager or Agent. All motor vehicle incidents must be reported immediately to Head Office. Damages must be reported immediately to the Manager responsible.

    The Safety Advisor will arrange training and provide assistance in regard to any Health and Safety related matter upon request from an owner of the Company. If anyone has any queries regarding safety they should refer these to an authorized person or a Director of the Company.

    Environmental Policy

    Bab ElKhair EST. specializes in the construction of projects whose activities affect the environment, mainly through the use and wastage of materials, the use of energy and by affecting the neighboring environment. The company has carried out a review of these impacts on the global environment and has determined actions to control, and where practical, reduce these impacts.

    The company recognizes its responsibilities to manage its activities in order that the efforts of their operatives, on both the local and global environment, are minimized. The company is in the process of establishing an Environmental Management System in accordance with the applicable requirements of 855750 - nou150900R 'Specification of Environmental Management Systems'.

    The system is being designed to ensure that environmental objectives are both set and achieved throughout the company's operations. It is being developed in conjunction with existing and specialist management functions. Detailed procedures will be used to control operational and management activities as directed by the control policy.

    The owners will be responsible for ensuring that the Environmental Management System is implemented consistently and is reviewed regularly to improve performance standards. An ESQ Officer, independent from commercial restraints, will be appointed to manage the system. It is the responsibility of all staff to operate within the set policy using their technical and managerial skills to minimize the environmental effects of their activities.

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