Telecommunication Services

Bab ElKhair EST. has started the telecommunication department under very highly qualified, certified from various clients, well educated and well experienced management and force men. Bab ElKhair EST. telecommunication department has all kind of the equipments and tool to perform maximum performance in OSP as well as ISP. This department is working under very professional supervision of highly experienced professionals.

Outside plant single mode or multi-mode refers to all of the physical cabling and supporting infrastructure such as Fiber optic cable connectivity from server to the sub-station / gas wellhead / oil wellhead / exchange / towers / overhead of the high voltage tower / core areas / cable wallet etc.

Bab ElKhair EST. Company OSP services contain:

Fiber Optic Cable Splicing/ Testing

Copper Cable Splicing/ Testing


Cable Pulling/ Laying

Building of TER

Duct Banking

Manhole Construction

Handhole Construction

Manhole Installation

Handhole Installation

Excavation/ Backfilling

Micro Tunneling

E & I cable Termination/ Testing


Supply of Telecom Materials

Working both regionally and nationally with telecommunications companies, Bab ElKhair Company provides UTP / data (copper) cable pulling for data / IP telephone / analogue telephone, Splicing and termination of data / UTP cable inside buildings / offices / cabins / PMT offices / PID offices / LAN / WAN / sub-stations / core areas / server rooms and Wi-Fi access.

Networking, IT, server installation inside the plant / data rooms, Configuration of HP / CISCO / Alcatel / OMNI / MOXA etc. for Aramco and NON-Aramco projects.

Bab ElKhair Company ISP services contain:

Cable Pulling



Analogue Telephone Installation

IP Telephone Configuration

Routers Configuration

Ethernet Switches Configuration

Exchange System

Equipment Used for Services

Bab ElKhair Company equipment for services is:

Splicing Machine



Fluke Testers

Ethernet Tester

Tune Generator

LAN Tester

WAN tester